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Pokemon Exotic RPG

Pokemon RPG (Exotic), Allows you to experience the world of pokemon like never before.
With upto 700+ Pokemon released into the pokemon rpg.
Upon registration, You'll be able to start your own Pokemon Journey.
Where you can complete quests, train and catch wild Pokemon,
Make your own team and battle live with all the other users in the rpg.
Build yards and much more !

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Pokemon RPG (News & Updates)


Live Battles Tournament
Hello members, we have decided to hold a live battles tournament,
in which you can fight to the top and receive amazing rewards !
The tournament is going to be held in 7 days from now,
To get yourself and your team registered connect to the chatroom, or post on forums.


You'll be needing your strongest team to win,
Because a lot of strong members are participating.
For more information, you can connect to the chatroom.
Or, you can also the view the PvP Tournament Topic on Forums.
May the strongest win, Good Luck !


Plasma Ho-oh and Plasma Zapdos Released

Attention Members !
Plasma Ho-oh and Zapdos has been released into wild for a limited period of time,
make sure you catch them before its too late.
To find out the location, that where they have been released.
Connect to the chatroom !
Ho-oH Zapdos

Happy Hunting !


Celebrating 15k Members

Celebrating the community growth of the community which we all have pulled together !
We are launching an event which will be started in the next 6-8 hours,
make sure you join the chatroom and take part in the event.
You will catch countless numbers of specials in this event.

So, don't miss this chance.
To get yourself registered connect to the chatroom.
You find the link to it, in the community section.
Enjoy Playing !
Darkrai Date: 10-06-2016
The event has ended !


Plasma Regirock !
Plasma Regirock has been released into the wild!!
To know it's location come to the chatroom. (Link is provided below)
Time for Giveaway !
Follow these step to win a shiny pokemon of your choice and enter the free raffle to win shadow legendary:
Step 1: Follow and like our facebook page (Pokemon Exotic Page)
Step 2: Connect to the chatroom and get yourself registered by one of the staff on the chatroom.
New Legendary Pokemon Released !
To find out the location of these awesome legendary pokemon, to know in which routes they have been released. You will need to connect to the chat room using the link below.
( Click here for CHATROOM )
Virizion Terrakion  Cobalion
Enjoy Playing


Legends Map
We are extremely sorry for the problems which you guys have been facing during the last few days in the game play recently, it was all because we have been trying to upgrade our servers. The good news, is that we have successfully upgraded our servers and all the bugs have been removed. Which means, faster and better gameplay.

We have also decided to release a Legend Map,
which contains most of the Legends in the RPG including
Arceus, Giratina, Deoxys and many more.
Pokemon Arceus Giratina Deoxys

Thank You, for staying with us. Stay tuned for more updates.
Happy Hunting !